This game is no longer hosted by Atelier 801, but more details on how to still play it can be found on the Extinction page.
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Aaaah! is a predecessor to Transformice, and part of the Extinction site. It was once available to play at, however as of 26 April 2020 Atelier 801 no longer hosts Extinction games, although they are now hosted elsewhere. See the Extinction page for details.

In Aaaah!, players control stick figures and navigate through a dark, silhouette-based map to reach a pharmacy. One player, with the most points, is designated as a "guide" and is supposed to help the other players reach the pharmacy by drawing a path. Players can press Space to scream loudly and push away any nearby characters. Like other Atelier 801 games, it has an online room system, but does not have an English translation. Aaaah! also features a map editor, which has spawned a rather large community of custom map makers.


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