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An account is a unique way for Atelier 801 to track a players progress, and allow the player to save their data and log back in. While accounts were initially unique to various games (and even preceded Atelier 801 as a company), the community platform merged all various Atelier 801 accounts on 10 September 2013. Unlike many games, players may log in on temporary guest accounts that only last so long as the player is logged in, although these are limited in various way.

A player's account is related to - but separate from - their in-game character and forum profile. A character / profile are customizable and allow players to express themselves, while an account simply stores this information.

Currently all accounts have a permanent nickname assigned on account creation, but players can now change their nickname for 1500 fraises.

Account typesEdit

Main AccountEdit

A main account, or simply main or primary account, is a way to refer to a players original, most-used, or most impressive account. This term is usually used by players on newer, less impressive accounts to discuss their older, more impressive account.

Alternate AccountEdit

An alternate account, or alt for short, is an account that is purposefully distinct from a player's main account. While alts are allowed, they must not be used to circumvent the rules. While reasons for alternate accounts vary, some common reasons are as follows:

  • To have an account with a high stat ratio. While what this ratio is differs from game-to-game, a common one is in Transformice, where some players strive for a very high "first" : rounds played ratio.
  • To remain anonymous, but still have access to the chat and other account features.
  • To play a different Atelier 801 game than their "main" is associated with. This is often done to avoid having the community platform connect their account with game. This allows an account to have a different tribe for that game, and even a separate list of friends, whom they may only wish to contact when on that specific game. While these are alt accounts, they can also be main accounts within that game, possibly spawning more alt accounts for the reasons above.

Throwaway AccountsEdit

Throwaway accounts are accounts that are create for a specific task / purpose in mind, with the owner of the account not intending to develop the account. While these aren't as common as on non-atelier 801 games due to the guest system, they are usually created for something controversial or malicious, such as spamming or other rule breaking, or because a player wished to temperately use a specific name (as a joke, or maybe for a video), while still being able to talk or not have an * next to their name.