If you need to contact a staff member, please read this forum post.
For wiki admins (unaffiliated with Atelier 801), see Project:Administrators.

Admins are official full-time employees of Atelier 801, and may or may not commonly be seen/heard from depending on their position and personal interaction with the community. Not all admins have an Atelier 801 account. Admins are not to be confused with other staff such as Moderators / Sentinels, who are the ones should be contacted for most in-game / forum issues (for contacting them see this forum post).

An official list of current admins (with Atelier 801 account) can be found at Another list of admins can be found at the bottom of


Most employee's main account appears as Red.

CEOs / Founders
Image Name Nickname Position Notes
Tigrounettes avatar Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand Tigrounette CEO, Lead Developer
Meli avatar Mélanie Christin Melibellule CEO, Lead Artist Blog
Current Staff
Image Name Nickname Position Notes
Azrou Maurice Doison Azrou Server Developer
Isabelle Penninck Larirette Chief Financial Officer
Stardev7 avatar 2015 Alexandre Barbieux Stardev7 JAVA Developer
Lyra purple avatar Lyra_purple Level designer
Dm atropos avatar Dm_atropos Level and narrative designer
Adrazaelle avatar Hélène Adrazaelle First Community Manager, now Level Designer

Repeating Collaborators

Unlike other "admins", they do not have a red name and do not have normal admin powers.

Outside Contractors
Name Nickname Position Notes
Romain Trouillet Composer and Sound Designer Site
Unknown Writer

Previous Admins

Listed from most recent to least recent. With the exception of Sydoline and Loukno, admins lose their username being Red once they leave.

Image Name Nickname Position Date Left Notes
Streaxx Streaxx Community Manager 7 June 2019
Pxstardust Pxstardust Level/game designer 7 June 2019
Pikashu Damien Cattorini Pikashu Gameplay Developer 7 June 2019[confirm]
Avatar-zou-optim Adélina Mattera Zou International Community Manager ~1 April 2016 22 January 2016
Paul avatar 2015 Paul Castera Paul 2D & Concept Artist 27 Jan 2016 Also known as "mysterious graphist"
Narayan avatar Xavier Cloarec Narayan Tools Developer 20 Nov 2015
Maharadjah avatar Claire Simon Maharadjah 2D Artist 29 Sep 2015 DeviantArt
Sydo Sophie Duval Sydoline Community Manager Tumblr
Loukno Avatar Claire Marie Le Marchand Loukno Marketing Manager 14 Nov 2014
Vanlu Vanlu TR Community Manager
Bill Server Developer Admin
Anna Le Marchand Ley Admin, Ideas, Hired moderators
Kura Kura ES Community Manager 30 Sep 2013 Tumblr
Adrien Fischer Khuikhui Progammer Site
Mickaelsan avatar 2015 Mickaël Fourneaux Mickaelsan Chief Information Security Officer
Molgy avatar 2015 Jérémy Delfly Molgy Level designer
Yoshiki avatar 2015 Frédéric Bricout Yoshiki Game & Level Designer 20 Jan 2017
Christouffe Chris Christouffe 2D artist 23 Dec 2016
Galaktine Paulliane Balduino dos Santos Galaktine Brazilian & Spanish Community Manager 3 May 2018
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