FANDOM is the official website of Atelier 801, and is a hub for all their games and content, as well as their forum.


The atelier801 website consists of various parts, some for official Atelier 801 information, some for community needs, and others parts for account management.

  • Landing page - Contains links to their various games, forums, and societe site (by clicking their logo).
  • Societe - Contains official information about Atelier 801 and their games.
  • Forum - A place for players to meet and discuss all thing Atelier 801.
  • Micepix - Hosts images directly on the Atelier 801 website. Must have played at least 30 hours on Transformice to access.[1]
  • Account Management - Change your account email / password.


While the website is now home to much of their content, that was not always the case.


Originally, the website used to be nothing more than a landing page that told the visitor it was a French based company, with the webpage's only link pointing to, and had a background that was a giant picture of a mouse.


The Atelier 801 landing page had a slight redesign for most of 2013[2], which was inspired by the then upcoming game by Atelier 801, Celousco. While there was still an image of a mouse, it was smaller.

June 2014Edit

Many months after the release of Bouboum / Fortoresse, the whole site was changed with the release of the HTML5 Forums to which brought with it a redesign of the website, focusing on being the central hub for all their games, instead of requiring all users to visit the Transformice forums.