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Café is a recreation of the classic forum. A lot of users like this more as it is in-game, easier and quicker, however it only displays a certain amount of recent topics, and once a topic is gone it cannot be retrieved. Sometimes, players can stay on a "dead" topic and "bump" it up to the top of the Café. The Café isn't moderated nearly as much as the Forum, so quite a bit of it is filled with spammers and trolls. Quite a few players don't play Transformice as much as they have and post on the Cafe instead.

To post on the cafe, you need to have played at least a total of 5 hours. There may be other criteria as well, but meeting the the time played requirement is usually enough.

Since it does not have as many moderators on it, players are more free. Many trends flow in the Café, as if it were the forum.

After posting a message on the Café, a player must wait 10 seconds before they are able to post again. For creating topics, one must wait 30 minutes instead to create another topic. The wait times do not affect each other.

Players can also "+1" or "-1" a message in the Café, usually to show whether they like it or dislike it.

The Transformice version it was added in is V1.183.

Adding/Changing your imageEdit

To add/change your Cafe avatar (same as the avatar shown on your profile), you need to upload a new Forum Avatar.


Unlike the forum which is heavily moderated, the cafe has little to no moderation. This can cause players to be harassed, and questionable content to be posted and gain discussion.


  • 10 August 2016 - Cafe design changed[1].