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This game was planned but never released.

Celousco was a planned massively multiplayer free-to-play online browser game, from Atelier 801. On 24 March 2015, it was officially canceled[1] since "the results we got didn't match our expectations".

Celousco was first officially announced in July 2013, during which time a trailer was also released. However, it was put on "pause" in it's development after a few months since it requires a lot of time / developers which they did not have at that moment.[2] It was then eventually canceled as mentioned above.

The official Facebook page is/was never had a webpage, but instead had redirect to[3]

While it's not likely, there is a chance Celousco might be "revisited" as a possibility to make if Atelier 801 discovers how to to bypass certain design problems.[4]

Game InfoEdit

Below is info about the actual game (originally from the Celousco Wikia).


Celousco is a new massively multiplayer free-to-play online browser game, from Atelier 801. Player will have to back one of three clans; Deer, Otter, Scorpion.

The name Celousco is made of the factions start in non-english language, CE-LOU-SCO.

What is Celousco?Edit

Celousco is a game in real time, is the Flash and Java server. The game is fully focused pvp: one part consists of three teams represented by a totem, green (deer), blue (otters) and red (scorpions) animal. All three teams compete in a larger map where the strength is controlled by one of the three teams center. The objective of both teams is to capture the fort.

A game should last about a week (until the capture of the fort). A number of secondary objectives will be present around the fort to weaken (if people know of Dark Age of Camelot, and seems to be intended). "Originality" of the game comes to a fairly simple point: the parties to play thousands of players simultaneously! For now, expect 2000 players per team, but with possibly 10,000 total players.[5]

The idea is to give players massive battles with many players everywhere! * The client should contain up to 200-300 players on the same screen without paddling too. Some made sacrifices to avoid decomposition performance (but not 3D view).

You may have noticed a little like Dofus characters level, managers try to escape, but not easy because Melibellule, chief designer, has worked extensively in the design of the characters in Dofus 2.

The MapEdit

Maps are provided for thousands of players Celousco. To avoid repetition, the administrators made ​​a map generation process. Thus, each new game takes place in a completely new map, with its own unique graphics, its peculiarities, its own strategic places ...

Greater visual variety Each of the map is characterized by a biome (an archetypal landscape). Thus, some maps may be composed almost entirely of desert, have many other thick woods, where it is easy to hide. As the maps are large, there is anyway a lot of maps for different biomes.

Two biomes are doing: the snowy forest and land. Managers provide a dozen in total.

A strategic diversity:

The base map is always the same: each team has a base at the ends, the strength is in the center, and the roads connecting each of these 4 elements.

But other than that, all strategic points and secondary targets can move on. Therefore, each map has its strengths and weaknesses, as players must use to establish winning strategies.

Many elements influence the game map. Examples:

  • Rivers can block the movement away by bridges.
  • The routes used to move faster.
  • The dense forest you can hide and hinder movement.
  • Secondary objectives provide direct benefits to control equipment (eg, feature points *spawn advanced premium, etc ...)

But that's not all. If the map is generated at the beginning of the game, you can also change over time. Examples:

  • Players can create routes to facilitate travel to key points.
  • A great battle can kill surrounding vegetation and transform a meadow in a barren desert.
  • A small squad of players can consider the destruction of a bridge to cut off the retreat of the army.

Add this little side admins sandbox Celousco allow players to feel involved in the fight, and is open to an infinite number of tactical possibilities.

It is just a few examples among all administrators have in mind, the automatic generation of the sheet and change throughout the game really offers a lot of freedom evolution.

For now, the generation of nearly finished map (there are still some details to modify and make improvements), and the result is very satisfying!

The ConnectionEdit

Once connected to the server, the player must choose its fraction. You can not choose between the two fractions less populated today. Ie, the most populous fraction will be blocked. Will be held this manipulation when you reconnect.

However, you can join the most populous fraction in the following cases: - When joining a guild member from your list of friends - By linking your character to one of the parties (in this case, you can not join the fraction ).

At the server level, there will be more. At least one of the languages, and more if necessary!

Each faction respawn area outside the fort. Early in the game, the defenders spawn in the fortress, but there are secondary objectives to disable spawn. This means that the defenders must defend foreign targets to maintain its privileged spawn. Unlike the attackers must capture these goals to cut the supply of defenders.

Social SideEdit

At the social level, managers will package the game's release currently Transformice is a multiplayer game. To avoid competing with themselves, they will establish a common platform for all games smoothly. Basically, it is a kind of or steam. Suffice it to say that a unique identifier to connect to all Atelier 801 games, players keep the same friends list, guild, etc. whatever the game (you can chat with your friend while you are playing transformice in example Celousco. however, remain separate games, each with its official website, servers, etc site.

Regarding channels, is likely to be a sub-area system in the world. For example, when approaching a target, automatically enter a channel devoted to this goal. However, it is impossible to communicate with enemy factions.


Celousco - Official Trailer

Celousco - Official Trailer


Art from Facebook and other sources.





Message by Atelier 801 canceling projectEdit

Original Post

Celousco is dead, long live Celousco!

We have been working hard on it with love and passion for many months, but unfortunately, the results we got didn't match our expectations. That's why we decided to put an end to this adventure, which nevertheless brought us a lot of experience.

The Celousco project did teach us a lot: we discovered what we really wanted, and we launched another project that perfectly matches our expectations and which bears the "Atelier 801" signature. Yes, you read that right: we might have been discreet about it lately, but we're working hard on a new game! We'll tell you more about it soon...

We are committed to offer you the best gaming experience possible, that's why we are taking our time to develop our next project and that's also why we took our time to unveil it.

Thanks to all mice, cats, hamsters, snipers, etc. In short, thanks to all of you, for your presence and your continued support!

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