Claire Marie Le Marchand, more commonly known as Loukno was a marketing manager at Atelier 801. She is Tigrounette's cousin. It was announced on the Atelier 801 forums that she would leave on 14th November 2014.


At around June 2010, Loukno was told of a new game created by her cousin, Tigrounette. According to her, she said it was based on his other game Aaaah!, but with much better graphics - he was working with a great graphist and was very proud of the new game. At first, Loukno thought that the idea of mice running to get cheese was very interesting.[4]

When Loukno played Transformice, she was puzzled as there were too many mice at the same time (but commented that they were "cute" and had fun after trying a bit) and also thought that the commands were a bit difficult and didn't understand anything of what players where speaking on the chat, due of many abbreviations in the common internet language.

Loukno studied Management with a specialization in Marketing-Communication in a school from EDHEC group, and was looking for a 6 month internship to validate her last year of studies. She wanted to work in the video games field, and fortunately, Atelier 801 was working nicely - so nicely that they wanted to develop and improve their communication. Looking at the opportunity, Loukno applied, answered a job interview, and started her "dream job" on January 2012 as an administrator of Transformice.


  • Her username comes from a Greek word that means 'lamp'.
  • She speaks French, English, Italian, Greek and Wolof.
  • Likes to steal Sydoline's candies behind her back.
  • Always argues with Tigrounette and tries to win arguements, but never prevails.
  • Is scared to wasps or any flying things that resembles it, like bees or plain flies.
  • Loves kawaii things.
  • A favorite target of Tigrounette when he throws various objects at his coworkers

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