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Damien Cattorini, whose nickname is Pikashu, is an ActionScript 3 developer at Atelier 801. He works with Tigrounette on Transformice.
Before joining Atelier 801, Pikashu was a moderator for the (FR) French community in Transformice.

Pikashu was a volunteer moderator, meaning that on his free time at his home, he helped keep the game clean and safe, but he had a job besides that.
At one point, he saw that Aterlier 801 is hiring, and he applied. They reviewed his resume, made an interview, and hired him on the spot a few weeks later!
He now works full time in the office as a developer, and according to Tigrounette, he's brilliant at it [2]

Pikashu's nickname is based off of the Pokémon character Pikachu.

Pikashu is also known to be "soulmates" with Zou.[3]


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