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The Extinction platform is the spiritual predecessor of the current Transformice platform that all current Atelier 801 flash games are based off of. While an old site, it's still online at, and contains three games, all of which have all since been remade. The games available are Aaaah!, Bouboum (Extinction), and Forteresse (Extinction). Just like their other more modern games, Extinction can be played anonymously.

The name is based off the idea of "extinct" versions of Atelier 801 games.[confirm]

Since Extinction is separate from Transformice, for a long time players would need two separate accounts to play each. With the introduction of the community platform however, accounts from Extinction were made available to play other Atelier 801 games. With this came a problem of duplicate accounts; this problem was solved by appending a "+" to account names made on Extinction, not only allowing a conflict-free way of adding duplicate usernames (due to the fact that you can't add symbols to your username in account creation), but also creating an interesting way to identify accounts originally from Extinction.


These are the games available on the extinction platform.

Removed GamesEdit

While available for a short time, the following games made a short appearance on Extinction:



To have a avatar in your profile you must use the chat command /avatar [image link]. The avatar however must be:

  • in JPG format.
  • lower than 10 KB
  • 120px in length and 80px in height


As well unlike in other Atelier 801 games you can put a description of yourself in your profile.


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