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Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand, more commonly known online as Tigrounette or Tig, is the co-creator and lead programmer of Transformice. Together with Melibellule, he co-founded Atelier 801 where they share the co-CEO position.


  • In French, "Tigrou" means "Tigger," and "-ette" is a suffix meaning the feminine form of "small."
  • Tigrounette created extinction before creating Transformice. It gave them some ideas for the game and how to make the game
  • Tigrounette's younger sister, Ley, was an additional admin of Transformice. She has helped with hiring moderators, and replying to English-speaking emails. She plays mostly on a guest account, Souris 9 and Nickname 9.
  • Previously, Tigrounette decided to keep his name and gender hidden for many months.
  • His cousin, Loukno was a Marketing Manager for Atelier 801.
  • Loves to troll everyone in game.
  • Likes throwing various objects to his coworkers and Loukno was his favorite target.
  • Tigrounette understands written English very well, and spoken English a bit less, but it gets hard for him when it comes to speaking/writing it himself, so either he asks Melibellule to translate his whole posts so it’s accurate, or he asks her for a word of vocabulary or two when the sentence is simple. [1]
  • He used to have a personal website (, but it has since been abandoned.


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