Kura is an administrator and ES Community Manager of Transformice. He takes care of the Spanish (ES) community. He became an ES CCM on August 20, 2012.

On September 30, 2013, Kura decided to resign from being an ES Community Manager due to reasons. According to his post in the thread called "¡Adiós ratoncitos!" at the Official Forums on September 26,2013 , he stated that he do enjoy working as the ES CCM but as he works more, he has less time to draw. Melibellule, Tigrounette including Kura decided it was best for him to follow his own passion.

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  • Is a pretty good artist. He usually draws pictures on the map's background in Transformice in place of the canvas.
  • Kura has another account named Kuraton.
  • He started working as the ES CCM on the very same day with Vanlu, the TR CCM.

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