Atelier 801 has released many games, although their biggest and first commercial success was and is Transformice.


Listed from oldest to newest

Image Game Platform
Transformice Transformice logo icon Transformice

Come join all other mice to gather as much cheese as possible on Transformice. Play with players from all around the world, chat live with your friends and customize your mouse.

Bouboum Bouboum logo icon Bouboum

Compete against your friends on Bouboum. Be the fastest and smartest to avoid bombs and get rid of your enemies. Bombs and powerups will be your weapons, choose wisely. Be the last one standing!

Fortoresse Fortoresse logo icon Fortoresse

Charge! The fortress is under attack. Take up arms to defend it with your allies. Adapt your surroundings to your needs; build pixel defensive walls and destroy those of your enemies.

Nekodancer Nekodancer logo icon Nekodancer

Rock your body on Nekodancer. Put on your fur-vorite tunes and let's dance! Get some purr-fects to be the star of the catfloor!

Runforcheese logo icon Runforcheese logo icon Run for Cheese

Stay alive in the platformer, where you must collect cheese and other odds and ends, while dodging a multitude of various obstacles and enemies.

DeadMaze logo Deadmaze logo icon Dead Maze

A 2D survival game where the aim is to explore the world and scavenge as many items as possible, to survive the hostile environment and bloodthirsty hordes of monsters.

Transformice Adventures logo Transformice Adventures logo icon Transformice Adventures

A multiplayer action-RPG set in the world of Transformice, featuring combat, exploration, pet care and a rich story about Berta and Mirolle Gouda, the priestesses sisters.

PC + Mobile
Antarès logo cropped Antarès logo icon Antarès

A massively multiplayer top-down shooter with spaceships that players have to build brick by brick, 20 vs 20 players fighting in an attack/defense mode.



Game Platform Still
Release Date
(Removal Date)
Extinction PC No 2008 (Removed on April 26th, 2020)
Aaaah! icon Aaaah! (Extinction) PC No 2008 (Removed on April 26th, 2020)
Bouboum (Extinction) icon Bouboum (Extinction) PC No 2008 (Removed on April 26th, 2020)
Forteresse (Extinction) icon Forteresse (Extinction) PC No 2008 (Removed on April 26th, 2020)
Fish Poisson (Fish) PC No 2009 (removed a few months later)
DeadMeat PC No ? (2011)
Celousco-icon Celousco PC No Never (announced 2013, cancelled 2015)

Module 801 Games

These are games made using the "module 801" framework.

Tig's / Meli's Games

These are games made by Tigrounette (often with Melibellule making the art) that are neither part of Extinction nor made by Atelier 801. Some of these use the Module 801 platform mentioned previously.

Name Multi
Released Notes Link
Pew pew No 26-29 April 2013 A spaceship shooter game. Part of Ludum Dare 26 (26-29 April 2013) Theme: Minimalism. (Lodum Dare) [1]
Volley Yes March 2015 [2]
Mouton Yes 17-20 April 2015 A game about sheep and blood. Part of Ludum Dare 32 (17th-20th April 2015). Theme: An Unconventional Weapon. (Lodum Dare)

There's 8 traps total, 4 on the ceiling, 4 on ground, but only the "shaman" can see were they are and activate them.

Bloup Yes 23 August 2015 A game heavily inspired by Aaaah!. [4]
God's Paw Yes 24 April 2017 Made as part of Ludum Dare 38. Unlike most other games made by Tig, this game is made in HTML5 canvas instead of flash. [5]
Tetris Yes 23 April 2018 Made as part of Ludum Dare 41. Made in HTML5 canvas instead of flash. [6]
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