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  • Hey, I really don't think we should have pages for all Mods / Sentinels.

    1. Maintaining them all will be a pain, and there will be a tons of stub or out of date pages. And it offers list extra info.
    2. They are volunteer positions; many of them most likely won't appreciate people posting private things about them online (versus people in a public company). Just linking to their Atelier 801 profile should be plenty if a list is really necessary
    3. The staff position may be Atelier 801 related, but unlike an employee position, volunteer positions don't really represent Atelier 801 or one of their projects, and just creates extra maintenance and pages.
    4. Not really a thing wikis do. Wikis only cover official staff as mentioned above, and never cover minor volunteer positions unless they play a BIG role (like actually contributing to the core game).
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  • hey, so I've been trying to think what to call the variable for "Infobox staff" when someone leaves. So far I got "left", "quit", or "job_end".

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  • Hi, welcome to Atelier 801 Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the List of games page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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