Moderator, or more commonly referred to as mods, are players chosen by the developers with special privileges, such as banning / muting players who break the rules, helping players when needed, among other tasks. Moderators are volunteer staff, do not get paid, and may resign when they wish, or demoted if there is cause. They are not to be confused with sentinels who have forum powers versus moderator in-game powers. They watch out for hackers, spammers and others who break the rules.

Moderator posting picturure in chat

A moderator's posted image in the chat

They have certain privileges compared to regular users including: banning other players, muting them, post images in chat (no longer possible), in Transformice: the ability to change the map, choose a shaman[Citation needed], force users to play user maps or permanent maps, set maps as permanent, delete maps, play music.

Moderators' names on the forum are marked in Yellow. If a moderator also happens to be a sentinel, their username will still be yellow instead of the sentinel Green.

There are numerous moderators, however most of them are un-named. Many of which choose to remain anonymous to allow them to continue playing without being continually contacted.

List of ModeratorsEdit

A full list of all staff, including moderators, can be found here. A list of moderators can also be found at the Transformice Wiki's moderator page. Moderators may choose to remain anonymous to keep from being constantly contacted.

Each nationality’s server has its own set of moderators who enforce the rules on those servers.[1]

Not all moderators have powers on all Atelier 801 games.[2] If you wish to contact a moderator about a given game, make sure they have moderator powers there.

See Moderators by game (red marked games currently don't have any moderators)
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Job DescriptionEdit

While moderators have various powers, they are expected to use those powers wisely. Before becoming a moderator, they must go through a training process to make sure they understand the tools at their disposal, and how/when to properly use them.

When they are online in a moderator capacity (remember, they have a life too), they have various tasks they may perform. However, what tasks they choose and were on the forum they choose to do them is up to them. Some moderator tasks are:

  • Ban/mute hackers, spammers, and other rule breakers
  • Mediate situations that have gone out of control.
  • Making sure people are having fun and have fun themselves!


To be recruited as a moderator, users must be proficient in not only their own language, but also in French or English (to be able to converse with other moderators / admins), 18 years of age and older, and exhibit mature and responsible behavior.

While moderator recruitment in the past was only available through a forum post, applying to be a moderator now takes place by submitting an official application. Recruitment is only open when moderators are needed (and is often closed), and may be open in one language's community while not another.

Moderator vs Administrator powersEdit

While moderators have extra privileges compared to normal users, even their powers are limited, both in what tools they may access or to what degree their powers may be exerted. Known differences are as follows:

  • Infinite bans may only be administered by admins.
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  • ?

Super ModeratorsEdit

Super moderators, which have since been removed, used to be a group of mods who monitors other mods, and had additional rights. They have been removed, and their rights are now only available to Atelier 801 admins. There was a very limited number of super moderators. These players used to keep control over the rest of the moderators, and had some additional commands available to them, such as the ability to recruit/remove an existing Moderator, as well as change passwords for other accounts.

Contacting a Moderator Edit

There are a number of ways of contacting moderators some include; whispering to them in-game or Private Message them on the forum.

You can type /mods to see the list of mods currently online when ingame.

Moderator Activity Edit

Some Moderators have recently began running specialist rooms called Minigames in Transformice, in which the objective of Transformice has slightly changed.

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