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Guide Objects


Poisson (French for "Fish") was a predecessor to Aaaah! posted on Extinction, with mechanics similar to Transformice in terms of gameplay and objects. It was only online for a few months until Transformice was released. Instead of mice looking for cheese, in Poisson there were fish trying to get back into a water bowl. The fish, however, had the unfortunate tendency to slide all over the place. Like Aaaah!, it featured multiplayer gameplay with a guide who was supposed to help the fish to the fishbowl. However, instead of drawing a path to the objective, the guide in Fish had to place physical objects in the world. In addition, the guide had no physical presence and could place objects anywhere on the map.

The objects available were very similar to the ones in Transformice (see picture). All the original Transformice objects plus some additional ones (notably an Up Cannon gift in the first versions of Transformice) were available to the guide in Fish. Unlike Transformice, Fish listed all of the available anchors in the object pool, and did not have as many anchors available as Transformice does. In addition, the Guide had the ability to stop time for a few seconds, which made placing objects much easier without having to worry about the hopping fish. Interestingly, the fish always started on the bottom left and had to reach a bowl on the top right.

Differences to Transformice

While similar, Poisson has some noticeable differences compared to Transformice:

  • An "Up" cannonball.
  • You control Fish.png fish going to a Bowl.png bowl.
  • The bowl is always on the top right.

Guide Items

Poisson Arrow.png
Poisson Small box.png
Small box
World anchor
Red nail clockwise.png
Motorized World anchor (Clockwise)
Poisson Large box.png
Large box
Poisson Small plank.png
Small plank
Red nail counter clockwise.png
Motorized World
anchor (Counter-
Free anchor
Poisson Large plank.png
Large plank
Poisson Ball.png
Motorized Anchor (Right).png
Motorized anchor (Clockwise)
Motorized anchor
Poisson Trampoline.png
Poisson Rough Plank.png
Small Rough Plank
Poisson Up cannonball.png
Up cannonball
Poisson Down cannonball.png
Down cannonball
Poisson Heavy box.png
Heavy box
Solid anchor
Poisson Right cannonball.png
Right cannonball
Poisson Left cannonball.png
Left cannonball


  • The Fish Earring from Transformice is a fish from this game.
  • In the forums of Extinction, Tigrounette claimed on April 22nd 2020 to no longer have the source code for Poisson

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