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Rooms are one of the most interesting concepts in Atelier 801 games. A room is an instance of the game that's only accessible by those in it. Changing a room is as easy as saying "/room roomname", but rooms have many different features.

Room namesEdit

Room names are very versatile, allowing almost any character you can normally type as a room name (including spaces and symbols/special characters, like "⎐").

However, there are some special meanings for some characters when a room name starts with them (any valid character may be used after the special character(s)):

  • International room: * (Asterix) - An international room can be accessed on any server (for a particular game). Instead of a normal flag next to the room name, international rooms have a "cheese flag".
    • Example: "/room *friendship" (interestingly enough, "/room *" is valid)
  • Module room: # (Pound sign) - If a module is active, it will attempt to activate. If there is no module, it's a normal room.
  • Hidden rooms: ¬ (Not sign) - Rooms with the not (¬) sign don't show the not sign; in fact, you can't even enter it into the chat! As such, rooms with the not sign can only be enter via special commands (like /tutorial in Transformice), or via a button (such as the map editor). These rooms show up as blank on the friends list.

Special character stack in the following order (otherwise they don't work): ¬*# (so long as the order is right, any of them can be removed. ex: *# for international module room).

Game modes / Special roomsEdit

While "#" denotes a module room, official modules / game modes can be accessed by simply having a specific word starting the room name (replacing the "#", thus "*" still coming before it for international rooms).

An example of this in Transformice is "/room vanilla" which only shows Vanilla maps. Special rooms names work just like normal special characters, in that you may input anything after them and they will still work. Examples:

  • /room vanilla
  • /room vanillaTest
  • /room vanilla1, 2, <><

Tribe HousesEdit

Tribe houses may only be entered by members in a tribe, or by being invited to the tribe house by a member of the tribe using the /inv command.