Sentinels, or sents for short, are forum users with special privileges, such as removing forum posts, closing threads, and moving threads, among others. Sentinels are volunteer staff, do not get paid, and may resign when they wish, or demoted if there is cause. They are not to be confused with moderators. Moderators have special powers in-game whilst sentinels have special powers on the official Atelier 801 forums.

A list of EN sentinels can be found here, and a full list can be found here.

Sentinels' names on the forum are marked in Green. However, should a sentinel also be a moderator, that color will automatically override the sentinel green, and their name will instead be Yellow.

Job DescriptionEdit

While sentinels have various powers, they are expected to use those powers wisely. Before becoming a sentinel, they must go through a training process to make sure they understand the tools at their disposal, and how/when to properly use them.

When they are online in a sentinel capacity (remember, they have a life too), they have various tasks they may perform. However, what tasks they choose and were on the forum they choose to do them is up to them. Some sentinel tasks are:

  • Monitoring threads to ensure everything remains civil and follows the rules.
  • Responding to forum reports made by users.
  • Answering questions when they know the answer.
  • Responding to messages sent to them.


To be recruited as a sentinel, users must be proficient in not only their own language, but also in French or English (to be able to converse with other sentinels / admins), 18 years of age and older, and exhibit mature and responsible behavior.

While sentinel recruitment in the past was only available through a forum post, applying to be a sentinel now takes place by submitting an official application. Recruitment is only open when sentinels are needed (and is often closed), and may be open in one language's community while not another.

Sentinel vs Administrator powersEdit

While sentinels have extra privileges compared to normal users, even their powers are limited, both in what tools they may access or to what degree their powers may be exerted. Known differences are as follows:

  • Infinite bans may only be administered by admins.
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