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Sophie Duval, more commonly known as Sydoline or Sydo is the former community manager at Atelier 801. She was in charge of making announcements, reading suggestions, managing the moderation team and creating events for the community. It was announced that she was leaving on the 8th September 2014 via the official forums. The name of the topic was "Ce n'est qu'un au revoir" which is French and when translated to English means "It's only a good bye".

Trivia Edit

  • "Sydoline" is a combination of two nicknames she often uses. It is pronounced "See-do-leen"
  • She speaks French, English and German.
  • She is addicted to candy.
  • During the holidays, she works as an animateur (person responsible for looking after or entertaining children).
  • Even though they prevent Sydoline from working too much at the office, she often works at home. She uses proxies if they try to ban her from working too much.


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