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The standalone client, like many things made by Atelier 801 initially centered around Transformice (which was their only game at the time). In more recent times, the official standalone client allows players to choose from multiple games to play. The standalone client can be downloaded from the login screen of any game that uses it (only Windows and Mac supported currently).

While many people still play with a standalone, some people instead prefer to play in fullscreen mode on the site, or play the game online by opening the swf in a window/tab.

Games available on official standalone client:


Initially Transformice had no standalone; you either had to play it in a browser, or download the swf and play it in a flash player. As the community got larger however, many unofficial standalone clients started to show up, usually as fairly simple swf exe wrappers with some added features (such as fullscreen support).

Eventually(date/post needed) Tigrounette made an official standalone, possibly to combat people running the game through unofficial, potentially sketchy game clients. With this update also came an official fullscreen mode that could be accessed in-game.

In December 2012, Tig created a new standalone in adobe air, to allow the addition of new features.[1]

In early November 2013, the client was modified so that upon starting a list of game appeared to be played, with Bouboum being added to this list (while it was still in beta). This list would later have Fortoresse added in November 2014 and Nekodancer added ~August 2014 (a month or two after release).

Steam Transformice clientEdit

On 30 January 2015, after much hype, Transformice was added to steam, and with it came a new Transformice client. Unlike the official client downloaded through the game, this one only allows you to connect to Transformice, but it also allows you to access Steam features.